Terms and Condition

There is a major reason why Dream12 Online or any other online betting platform is different from others. Which is that there are certain guidelines that people need to follow. Along with that, certain terms and conditions are that players need to fulfil and maintain to be eligible to register at Dream12 Online. Here, we are going to list all these terms and conditions. Or, you can say rules and regulations which players need to follow. Accepting these terms and conditions during the registration process will create a binding agreement between the players and the betting exchange.

These conditions create transparency between players and us. Thus, it is necessary to be aware of these regulations before signing up for Dream 12.

Basic Distinctions

Before you proceed to read the terms and conditions of Dream 12, you need to know some basic definitions. These will be indications of some particular things that are going to be referred to in this whole article. Refer to the given rules and regulations below:

  • Games: This term covers all the online casino games available and betting events for any real-time sports event happening.
  • Bonus and Promotion: This term used anywhere on Dream 12 will refer to various rewards or offers. These rewards and offers are available to the users when they register or access any game or sport. This will exclude the winnings. Different bonuses and promotions listed at Dream 12 are welcome offers, deposit offers, free spins, and other exciting offers. These are available for the user based on their previous playing records.
  • Anywhere it is mentioned, terms like “You” and “Your” will refer to the user. Users who have visited the website or the one who is reading these conditions right now.

General Terms And Conditions

Below, we have listed some basic guidelines that users need to be aware of. They need to know these terms and conditions before they register for the Dream12 Online betting platform. Also, Dream 12 holds the right to make changes or modify the existing rules and regulations. Anyone who does not settle or agree with the available terms and conditions is requested not to register at Dream 12. The basic guidelines for Dream 12 are:

Age Limit

Minimum age is the mandatory requirement from Dream 12. It is also the parameter to get a mature and responsible audience for Dream 12. The minimum age of the player who wishes to join Dream 12 should be 18 years or more. The maturity of the players is the most important factor in creating a responsible gaming environment. Players should have enough idea about the finances involved while placing bets or playing online casino games at Dream12 Online.

Requirement From The Player And User Identity

Any player or user registering for Dream12 Online needs to fulfil the following parameters. These requirements are a must to be eligible to create a betting ID:

  • Any player can open a betting account or generate a betting ID in their name only. A betting account cannot be opened in the name of a company, party, or any other entity.
  • The major intent is to serve as an entertaining platform for the users. It is not for those who think they are professionals or experts of any kind. Also, Dream 12 is not for the one who wants to use this platform to generate money. Therefore, it is advisable for the users not to consider Dream 12 as a place to create money. Because there might be chances for them to lose some money.
  • The region from which the player is from should not have any restriction or rule or regulation that prohibits gaming or online betting. In case they come under any legal capacity due to this, then only they will be responsible for the consequences.
  • Any player signing up for Dream12 Online should play on their behalf only.

Deposits And Winnings

The financial concern of the player is the priority of ours to maintain. Therefore, it is mandatory to create transparency with the user regarding the same. When it comes to deposits, players need to keep in mind before they make a deposit that the money, once deposited by them, cannot be refunded. The only way users can get money from Dream12 Online will be in the form of winnings.

Now, talking about winnings, the player can get their winnings withdrawn in any mode of their preferred payment. With the exclusion of an offline mode of cash payment.

Players also need to keep in mind that the money they deposit or withdrawals they are making at Dream12 Online should not be involved with any illegal activity.

The Dream12 Online can also ask the user the source of the money. Based on the information that the user has submitted, we hold the right to restrict your betting account from further activities.

User Verification

It is mandatory for the betting to verify and authenticate the identity of the users who are registering at Dream12 Online. Players need to keep in mind that Dream 12 holds the right to use the information submitted by the user at various authentic databases to confirm the identity of the users. To confirm the identity of the player, additional information might be required from the players. In case any users fail to submit that information, then we hold the right to close their account or take the required action.

Dream12 Online reserves the right to perform background checks on the users, which also include the verification of their basic details like name, address, and payment methods.

In case any suspicion is raised while running the background check, then it is in our right to put your betting ID on hold for further activities.

Players Responsibility

Along with some rules and regulations to follow, certain basic guidelines are that players need to follow while they are at Dream12 Online.

  • It is mandatory or safe for the player not to share their account credentials with anyone. The password given to the player, along with their user ID, needs to be changed once the account has been activated.
  • Players should sign up for the betting account as per the rules and regulations in their only. If online betting puts them in any kind of legal capacity, then it will not be the responsibility of the user.
  • Information submitted by the user should be genuine. Any discrepancy in the profile information can block their account.
  • While any user is registered with Dream12 Online, neither of their family members or close relatives will be allowed to use the services of Dream 12 directly or through any other means. In simple terms, two members of the same family cannot register at Dream12 Online.
  • Even if they are more than 18 years of age, users should be mature enough to understand the rules and regulations of any casino games or betting event available at Dream12 Online.
  • The players will be solely responsible for keeping a record of taxation or any other levy with any governmental organization.
  • Any kind of player linked to illegal activity or caught doing any fraud will be banned from Dream12 Online, and the winnings made by the user or any other money in their account will also be ceased.


The above-mentioned terms and conditions are meant for the registered users at Dream12 Online only. Accepting these terms and conditions will create a binding agreement between them and the users till the time of their engagement with the online betting exchange. The Dream 12 also holds the right to make changes or modify the terms and conditions at any point in time. Therefore, it is mandatory for the users to regularly check these guidelines and play accordingly. The given terms and conditions are published in English language only. Any kind of changes or discrepancies made due to language translation are not the responsibility of the betting exchange in any situation concerning the terms and conditions. The English version will be preferred first.