Responsible Gaming

The whole team of Dream12 Online is committed to creating an entertaining and responsible environment for gaming. One of our major intent is to provide entertainment. Also, it is our commitment to avoiding the risk of gaming addiction among the users. We do feel responsible for preventing gaming addiction on our gaming platform. Therefore, we request the audience to take various measures to promote responsible gaming among other users.

The Dream 12 is a perfect gaming platform for online casino games and other betting sports. We do follow all the guidelines set by various gaming regulatory authorities in India. Some major goals of Dream12 Online include avoiding gaming addiction and preventing compulsive gaming at any cost. After which, another focus of Dream12 Online becomes the protection of minors from gaming and also the interest of the youth.

Put A Stop To Compulsive Gaming

Chances are likely that even after the awareness of responsible gaming, a small proportion of gaming players get mesmerized by the financial gains from betting, which creates an obsession among them to place more bets. Hence, there becomes a possibility that people will put in high wages and risk more finances. The common term used for this mentioned situation is compulsive gaming. Various measures are being taken by us to prevent some of which are listed below:

Different measures are being taken to stop compulsive gaming. This also utilizes technological and various means. All these things assist the Dream 12 team in recognizing potential victims of gaming addiction. Also, to take respective measures to prevent the user from compulsive gaming. Players at gaming are given a choice of temporarily or permanently closing their account on accounts of compulsion towards gaming. Also, users have the choice to set their maximum deposit limit and total removal of their name from the subscription list upon request.

Advice To The Players

It is our commitment to do what is possible to promote responsible gaming. The same efforts can be expected from the players towards this. Therefore, players are advised to refer to the given guidelines while playing at Dream 12:

  • Players need to consider online betting only as a source of entertainment and not some easy way to generate a large fortune through which they can become rich easily.
  • While online betting is a game of skill, there is no guarantee that the prediction made by them will be exact. It is totally obvious that if one is going to win, the other will lose.
  • Players should not be influenced by any external person or factor to predict an outcome. It should be their choice only so that they have a clear picture of the risk of losing money at any betting platform.
  • A game of skill is also a game of mind, not some luck or chance. There is no place for getting emotional or stressed from the losses. Getting stimulated to cover up for losses is a clear indicator of gaming addiction or compulsive gaming. So players need to avoid this or back out from here in case they have lost more than expected.
  • Keep a regular check on how much you are spending or depositing on our platform. The player should set a limit whenever they want to play at Dream 12.
  • Another mandate is that players need to be aware of the game rules before they initiate to play any game at Dream 12. For this, a Demo ID is available that can be utilized to play in a virtual environment to understand the game first. Only after that do they start to place real bets.

Self Check

No matter how many initiatives can be taken from us, it is finally up to the players to keep check on themselves and not get influenced through betting, gaming, or other causes. Players need to set up a limit of their own before they start playing. The following parameters can be helpful while setting a limit at Dream 12:

  • You need to determine the amount that you can afford to lose or consider an acceptable loss.
  • Keep an account of how frequently you play.
  • Determine the duration of each session and the amount you have deposited or used while placing bets.
  • Your gaming history will be accessible through which you can check your previous betting habits.

Connect With Dream12 Online Customer Service

The customer service of Dream12 Online is available 24/7 to whom you can connect at any time regarding any issues, including gaming addiction. Not only that, but the experts here take different measures to recognize and detect potential victims of compulsive gaming and connect with them, encouraging self-exclusion and temporarily excluding them from online betting. Also, we refer the player to visit various online places dedicated to gaming regulation where by simply answering a few questions, they can check their chances of having an addiction to online betting and get an idea of what to do next to avoid that.