Game Rules

The players need to understand the basic rules of any games or sports that they wish to play or want to place bets on. Many of the users who registered at Dream12 Online have already tried their hand at other online betting exchanges. However, some of the newly registered users have no idea about how to play. Neither do they know about the regulations they have to follow while playing at Dream12 Online. The majority of the sports preferred by the users at online betting exchanges include Cricket betting and horse race betting. Along with that, some major online casino games like Teen Patti, Poker, Rummy, and many others are there for the users.

Here, we are going to tell you some of the basic rules regarding various online casino games and betting sports. However, the game rules are elaborated in front of the user when they try their hand for the first and have access to read these rules at a point in time. Some basic rules and regulations, including the winning criteria, have been discussed here. It will show the user how easy it can be at Dream 12 to play online games.

Game Rules For Various Online Casino Games

Here, we have listed some basic rules and regulations related to various major casino games. Through these, you can have an idea of how to start playing. Also, you will have a basic understanding of the whole game before you start to risk your money on it.

Teen Patti

  • One of the most popular games for the casino players at Dream 12 is the Teen Patti. A digital version of the card games of the same name is available. The game involves a minimum of 2 players to any number. Participants of the game will be provided a set of 3 cards each. The rule of the game is simple: the winner of the game will be the one who stays till the end of the one with the highest card combination.
  • Based on the combination of the card or their skill, players can take different available actions. These include raising, calling, or simply folding if they do not wish to continue.
  • Once the player has raised the bets, it sets the threshold or minimum wage for the next player.
  • The highest combination of cards can be a trail followed by a straight flush. Followed by a straight run, colour, double, and then the highest card.


After Teen Patti comes to the Poker. This is the most popular card game in the world, played at every casino. The game of poker is similar to Teen Patti, or we can say vice-versa. It is a 5-card game, which is a comparing card game where the high hand is determined based on combination. At classic poker, each player is distributed 2 cards, and three cards are placed on the table. Based on the combination they make with the three cards placed on the table, the one with the highest combination will be considered a high hand.

At Dream12 Online, users, once registered, have easy access to Poker, where numerous live players are present to place bets. Rules applicable while playing poker on Dream 12 are:

A base amount and the amount of gaming have to be decided first before the game starts, after which the dealer will distribute the card among the players.


Another major card game in India which is played widely across the states. The goal of rummy is to create matching card sets (melds). It can be either the same card sets or sequences of the same house. The one who creates at least three cards each will be considered the winner.

Major Betting Sports Event At Dream12 Online

Along with some basic rules for each casino online game, certain guidelines are there to understand and follow before you proceed to place bets on any real-time sports event. To know all the rules, you need to register first and then access the betting sports. The major betting sports include cricket and horse racing. Here, we have listed some basic mandatory guidelines you need to be clear about before you register for Dream12 Online.

Online Cricket Betting

Online cricket betting involves limited-over matches (ODI and T20) on which players can easily predict the outcome of the match. It is mandatory for the players to not consider online cricket betting as a game of luck but instead as a game of skills where they have to predict the outcome of a particular event based on the information available.

The basic rules and regulations regarding online cricket betting at Dream12 Online are:

  • Bets placed among users will only be accepted if the games start at the scheduled date.
  • Before the games, betting can be placed on a counted scenario. For more information regarding this, you need to sign up, after which you can have access to rules and other available games, Dream 12.
  • Users need to pick from the available betting events where they can find and compete against other players settled on their odds.

Horse Race Betting

After cricket comes horse race betting in terms of popularity in India. Being the most popular betting sports event in the world, the horse race is the second most popular sporting event. With the digitization of Horse Race betting, players have opportunities to place live bets on any betting scenarios that they have picked.

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With all these games, Dream12 Online offers the user a platform to get thrilling entertainment and also make small winnings. To enjoy all these games, all you need to do is create a betting ID for which you need to connect with us on WhatsApp.

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Now that you have an idea of various types of casino online games and some betting sports, we say, why don’t you use your skills and try your hand at various online casino games and betting sports at Dream12 Online? All you need to do is create a betting ID for which you need to connect with us on WhatsApp.