About Us

The Dream12 Online is an exclusive platform for online casino games and sports betting events. Major casino game lovers and other players who rely on betting or card games for entertainment can register here to get the thrill of real-time events by competing against numerous live players. There is no limitation while navigating for different betting scenarios and searching for another player with whom they can settle on their odds. Various facilities are available for the players to take the betting experience to the next level.

The Dream12 Online is now paving its way to become one of the largest online legal betting platforms in India. Hundreds of thousands of users from India are registered at Dream12 Online. Here, they can enjoy various online betting sports like cricket, horse race betting, football, basketball, hockey, volleyball, and many other real-time sports events to place bets. The Dream12 Online is a premier and genuine platform that offers users a safe and secure platform to make transactions. To register at Dream12 Online, all you need to do is simply create a betting ID through WhatsApp.

Why Is Dream12 Online More Convenient Than Traditional Betting?

The Dream12 Online is an online betting platform that also offers a wide range of online casino games. Particularly, the ones that are famous in India are available at Dream12 Online. What makes Dream12 Online a far better option is that it is not illegal. Unlike other casinos and betting platforms in India where the wrong means are practiced. Along with that, while playing at Dream12 Online, there will be a guarantee that users will get some entertainment and assurance that the winnings made by the users can be withdrawn by the user in their preferred means of payment in online mode.

How To Join Dream12 Online?

It is very easy for users to join Dream12 Online. All you need to do is connect with the officials on WhatsApp and provide them with their basic contact details. After this, your betting ID will be generated. Following is a step-wise representation of the registration process at Dream12 Online:

  • Visit the official website of Dream12 Online, where on the homepage, navigate to the WhatsApp icon. Click on it.
  • Afterwards, you will be redirected to the WhatsApp chat window, where you need to ferry your request to create a betting ID.
  • You have to give your basic details like name, address, age proof, and other details through which your profile for Dream 12 can be created.
  • Once these details are updated, you will be given a betting ID through which you need to activate your account.

Now, you can easily enjoy various other online games and real-time sports for betting. Along with that, you can easily use the Demo ID to understand the game rules and have a better understanding of the game. While registering on Dream 12, you need to confirm that you are 18 years or older. Any player below the benchmark of 18 years will not be allowed to join the Dream12 Online betting platform.

How Is Dream12 Online Different From Other Online Betting Exchanges In India?

Numerous betting exchanges are available for users where they can easily create a betting ID. Through this, they have access to major online casinos and betting sports. However, Dream 12 is a better option and platform. Especially for the new betting who are interested in online casinos but haven’t tried their hand at this before. Various reasons that you opt for Dream 12 and not any other betting exchange are listed below:

  • Countless bonuses and promotions are available, especially for the news which they can easily claim while playing for the first time. Through this, it becomes easy for the player to easily understand real-time sports betting without risking large sums of money.
  • Easy accessibility of Dream 12 on various devices like Mobile PCs either through the website or the official betting app.
  • On some bets that are commonly placed among the players in some major sports, the amenity of a betting calculator is available through which users can easily predict the chances of their bet and how much winning they can make.
  • Players at Dream 12 are constantly reminded about responsible gaming so that the practice of involving more money than their needs can be avoided.
  • Various games are available at Dream 12 among which many of them cannot even be found at any other online betting exchange in India.

Other Basic Terms And Conditions At Dream12 Online

While joining Dream12 Online, players need to keep in mind certain guidelines that they need to follow. Among them, the first one is the age limit, which should not be more than 18 years. Apart from that, the following terms and conditions need to be followed by the players:

  • You cannot have more than one account at Dream 12. Having more than one account will be considered a false practice that can lead to your account closure.
  • Players cannot ask for a refund of the money that they have deposited at Dream 12. Money deposited by the players at Dream 12 can only be used for playing casino games and sports betting. The only way the user gets money from the Dream 12 is in the form of winnings.

Responsible Gaming

Another major thing to discuss is responsible gaming. It is the duty of both the user and the betting exchange to promote the awareness of responsible gaming, among others. Gaming addiction is a major concern, especially in a state like India, where the game of betting is highly discouraged. Different measures are currently being implemented to create awareness among the people to play responsibly. Among these, the most common one is the option of self-exclusion or temporary closure of their account.

Is Betting Online Illegal?

Every player who wishes to create an online betting account has a concern about whether it will be legal or not to register for an online betting exchange. Therefore, it is necessary to discuss it here. Gaming or any form of betting is banned, and any form of practice will be considered illegal. The major reason behind this is that while gaming or placing bets, the user places their money blindly without any calculative or skillful approach to predict the outcome of an event. While it is not certain what will be the outcome of the match, based on some previously available information, a solid prediction can be made. This is called a game of skill, while the former is considered as a game of luck.

Dream12 Online Customer Service

A team of dedicated professionals is available at Dream12 Online to assist the players with any kind of query they are having. To connect with the officials, users need to connect with them through WhatsApp. Major queries made by the user include Betting ID, registration, payment method, and others. Along with that, many other common issues are there among users like game rules, winning withdrawal, and many others. All these queries will be solved by the customer officials of Dream12 Online.